I want the 13.5% of my life back! (which the shadow economy of Europe is stealing from me)


Based on the IMF data the shadow economy in European Union accounts for anything between 11.9 and 15.1% of its GDP or $14.53T*13.5%=$1.96 T per year!

There is more to that though because it also means that:

  • 13.5% of us plus all those that they are aware of the fact currently tolerate (read agree with) this practice which impacts on our behaviour and inevitably on all our social institutions
  • We as individuals pay at least 13.5% taxation then we should or
  • we work 13.5% more then we should or
  • we take 13.5% less pensions than we should
  • or receive 13.5% less medical care or
  • Taking 13.5% less holidays
  • Have 3% less growth (.135*.22=3%)  in our economies then we should
  • We have to work for more then 23 years in order to repay our countries’ debts
  • ….
  • Or a combination of the above and the most important
  • We are prevented from using a fiscal tool that can stop the European Fiscal Crisis in its track now!

Complaining though without any proposition is of limited value so here it comes:

Introduce the electronic only euro now…

Before you start judging the propositions, for its merit, do consider that it comes with additional benefits like:

  • Elimination of the drug trade (within five years provided we will control gold sales)
  • Elimination of illegal immigration and human trafficking
  • Reduction of street crime by 60%
  • Reduction of burglaries by 90% over 6 years (provided we control illegal goods export)
  • Increase in non European tourist spending by 12% (the amount people spend in addition when plastic cards are involved)
  • A whole new industrial sector that will be created in Europe and a boost in productivity
  • An additional positive argument in favour off the European Fiscal integration
  • Reduction on the environmental impact that illegal trades support
  • Add your own…

Now judge…

SM One of the Gaianomy think-tank founders


One Comment to “I want the 13.5% of my life back! (which the shadow economy of Europe is stealing from me)”

  1. I was recommended this web site through my cousin. I’m now not sure whether or not this put up is written by means of him as nobody else understand such distinct approximately my difficulty. You are amazing! Thank you!

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