Hierarchy of Societal Needs (by Gaianomy…at last)

The Economy from a sociological perspective is an institution and as such, one is expecting to find within it the “footprints” of other institutions that societies perceived related and interconnected (like Labour, Capital, Product, Profit, Currency, The markets… all the usual “suspects “) to create what we today call Economy.

Gaianomy as a theory tries to analyse the impact changes in these constituting institutions will have on the Economy. Consequently, we tried, as it was natural to weight their possible impact.

The theory is still brand new meaning that there was no previous research on the subject to depend on and in search for a solution, we came up with the rational idea of evaluating them according to the degree of their social usefulness.  So, we “Googled”  “Hierarchy of societal needs” expecting to find something similar to Maslow’s pyramid of human needs to use and we found …nothing.  Plan B then we thought, scientific literature and guess what we found once more…nothing.  Obviously, we concluded, no researcher in the past needed one somehow. That was three months ago…

It took us a lot of painstaking analysis, a lot of “digging” and many debates but here we are and we submit the Hierarchy of Societal Needs pyramid (to honour Maslow) for your feedback and comments. We hope, when peer reviewed, that it can become a useful tool to social policy makers and researchers alike.


SM on behalf of the Gaianomy think-tank


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