About Gaianomy

Gaianomy is a brand new socio-economic theory. It was built on the foundation of contemporary institutional analysis in conjunction with complex systems theory, loosely following the NIE framework (http://www.isnie.org/about.html)

It perceives humanity and the environment as a single interconnected entity, a super-organism within which institutions operate in a similar manner as proteins within a human body.

In a similar manner it connects the social and the economic dimensions of our society inexplicitly suggesting that any economic measure affects the social and vice-versa.

Based on the above two principals it advocates that the current approaches in response to the global fiscal crisis are futile for as long as they concentrate on purely fiscal tools and ignoring the social dimension.

In antithesis with current approaches (see declaration of the latest G20 summit for example) it suggests a resolution path based on the transformation of the fundamental institutions which its authors consider to be responsible for the systemic failures of our economy.

The transformation path consists of controlled modifications in eight (8) informal  institutions the following:

1.       Globalisation, targeting a series of economically impacting causes like the lack of centralised coordinating governance, and  Nationalism (an institution that consistently resist change)

2.       The Currency, by proposing a new world currency which however in antithesis with similar propositions introduces a new paradigm shifting…

3.       Standard the Human Effort Equivalent (coded H2E)  and

4.       the total transformation of the new currency into non-material Electronic format only

5.       The Work, by proposing a radical shift from the current definition by altering its value and inevitably its rewards, by accounting for its social and environmental contribution. It does so using a climax that starts at its highest point from the environmental contribution and demoting the sol benefit of the selfish interest to its lowest.

6.       In a similar manner it suggest a change to the Product and the Service, where once again their “values” increases in accordance to its social and environmental usefulness and are decreasing based on their negative impact. Based on the two above an inevitable change in the definition of…

7.       The Profit is to be expected, alleviating this way the current distortions. Eventually with the entire new framework in place…

8.       The Banks and the Markets as institutions and eventually as organisational forms can be given the all necessary social and environmental treatment.

In every step of this path, a pleiad of benefits will be materialised the major of which, in an order of anticipated appearance, are the:

  • honest global collaboration and improved integration
  • Protectionism reduction
  • Nationalism cultural shift
  • ease of inflationary pressures
  • end of currency wars
  • elimination of the weaknesses of the International Monetary System
  • partial correction of GDP calculations that misleads governmental decision making
  • end to all illegal trades
  • end to the Drug trade (within 5 years)
  • drastic reduction of street crime
  • end of the volatility in capital flows
  • boost in research and development
  • boost in global infrastructure projects
  • end to the food price volatilities
  • radical reduction of human trafficking
  • radical reduction of immigration pressures
  • transportation based reduction in CO2 emissions
  • end to the inequalities in remuneration practices between economic sectors and across nations
  • drastic reduction of corruption levels
  • end of the injustice within the current taxation systems
  • increased quality of product across the board
  • drastic decrease  in unemployment levels
  • dramatic shift in the ratio between services and industrial production
  • resolution to the pension deficits on both organisational and country levels
  • gradual elimination of hunger across undeveloped countries
  • shift away from the constant-growth paradox of the current economic framework
  • reduction of Government Debts globally
  • gradual elimination of fiat money
  • introduction of a new Banks and Markets paradigm

Note: The above is the result of five years research in institutional analysis. The reason it is published in this form instead of a paper, is to test the hypotheses used against public wisdom. This is the best way we believe to build a social theory. Peers are welcome to review it in this “non-technical” form and ask as many questions as they wish. we will add eventually as we work through it more analysis until it becomes a weakness-free theory. In the mean time enjoy reading and please comment.

Do you want to know more? Do you want to get involved in any of our current projects? Then, please visit our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gaianomy/299037640120562   and declare your interest.


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  2. Fell free. We will be honoured.


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